Meditation for Exam Stress

exam_stressWorry, anxiety and pressure are part and parcel of study and passing our exams. Mostly its self-doubt and feeling a lack time which fuels stress. Exam stress is part of every student’s life. Even though all have differing factors.

In this workshop you will be able to use mindfulness and meditation to clear your mind and using it to pay attention.   One of the easiest way to get started is with help and direction.

Just a few minutes morning and night and before exam can give clarity, focus and concentration.   Also mindfulness and meditation assists breathing so you keep calm under pressure. Meditation can also teach you time management skills. Become confident in your ability to study and sit the exam

Some positive affirmations for learning to use every day:

  • I am totally motivated to study every day
  • I easily recall what I have learnt
  • I have perfect balance between study and my social life
  • I am super confident when taking exams
  • I am able to learn things easily
  • I am always prepared to learn new information