About Isabelle C. Clark – Healing and Growth

Isabelle has been a Registered Kinesiology Practitioner, in private practice in Sydney now in Nowra NSW since 2000.

Isabelle’s Vision – to take you on a path of self discovery, and to heal that place in your heart and mind where limiting patterns and beliefs have been acquired. So you can experience freedom, and create life where you live with meaning, passion, joy and gratitude.

You are in charge of your own process for healing. Isabelle acts as a facilitator for change. This varies according to each person’s needs and desires. You are your own ultimate healer, our body naturally wants to heal itself.

You have a choice to be happy or miserable.

Isabelle is also sought after to speak at staff meetings and conferences, support groups and clubs.

Isabelle C. Clark -Qualifications:

  • Registered Professional Kinesiology Practitioner since 2000
  • Member of Australian Kinesiology Association
  • Kinesiology Course Instructor and Mentor/Supervisor of Practitioners
  • Meditation Teacher since 2005
  • Reiki II Practitioner
  • Cert IV in Workplace Assessment and Training
  • Cert IV in Small Business Management
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