Learn Kinesiology

Kinesiology -Introduction to Muscle Testing

Muscle testing also called muscle monitoring is a method of tapping into the innate intuition we all possess. Muscle testing can assist getting information that may not readily be available to a person’s present awareness.

3 hour workshop

It is a concept people have to experience to understand. The more you practise the better you will become and your confidence will increase. Learning how to muscle test helps us to access our higher self therefore should be used with integrity at all times.

You can use muscle testing on

  • Personal for family, friends, home, pets and garden
  • To determine the best practitioner/healer for you
  • The best supplements to take, what emotions trigger you to eat certain foods i.e. chocolate
  • What oils or essential oils, or combinations are best for individual people?
  • Deciding which food or herbs assist certain ailments
  • Which gift to pick for someone?
  • What colour clothes are suitable i.e. a job interview
  • Prioritize tasks to do and how much time to spend each day
  • Determining your pet’s needs for good health and happiness
  • Spiritual issues; where to place crystals for optimum healing
  • Clearing and finding negative emotional areas in homes and business premises and much more, Muscle Testing can be used anywhere to test anything

Learn how to muscle test and self-test; muscle testing can be done in various ways. Learn how to word statements. Use muscle testing as a means to access health strengths and weakness in the body and what is needed to bring about balance. Have fun, meet new friends

Comprehensive manual included.
Certificate of Participation and Attainment issued

Sabotage Clearing and Goal Enhancement – 2 day workshop.

This workshop shows you how to locate and clear sabotage programs from the subconscious mind, and engages the higher self to bring through positivity.

Sabotage Programs are manifested out of the judgements we have made throughout our life which have been caught up in our subconscious mind. These programs invariably run contrary to our conscious desires and more or less govern our life. They act powerfully while hidden but fade away like mist once revealed.

An example of Sabotage Programming was with a graduate Naturopath whose practice was failing to thrive. Although she was most capable, the two or three clients booked in each week barely paid for clinic space. She was beginning to doubt her choice of naturopathy as a profession,

Sabotage Clearing revealed the programs “I do not deserve”, “I am not a winner”, “I can’t enjoy the fruits of my labours”, “I am unable to realise my potential”, “I do not fit in”. These crippling programs were soon cleared with sabotage clearing. Come her next consultation, new clients were making appointments and within six weeks she had accrued modest waiting list.

Goal Enhancement opens the flow of divine wisdom from the higher self and gives access to the paramount goal(s) for life. It is most profound and reverberates throughout a person’s life to bring forward much positivity.

Isabelle Clark will share with you how easy it is to clear sabotage programming and engage the higher self. Isabelle is a skilled and intuitive presenter with 19 years of kinesiology expertise to guide you.

If you have the courage to blow the mists from your subconscious mind, then do not hesitate to
participate in this landmark kinesiology workshop.

Comprehensive Manual included with 1000 statements
Certificate of Participation and Attainment issued

Living with Radiation – 1 day workshop

This workshop came about through the need to protect clients and their family members from the ill effects of radiation both man-made and natural. This is a practical workshop which provides answers to many puzzling health conditions. Few would put aside the benefits of man’s inventiveness. The advancement in electronics has been most beneficial but in many instances, harmful electromagnetic fields are generated.

Electromagnetic fields impinge on the meridians of the body and can bring imbalance to the natural movement of energy, blood flow and lymphatic clearance.

We do not have to run away from electromagnetic radiation (EMR). We can learn to live with this energy without harm to ourselves and at the same time, guide our clients to safety.

This workshop also brings an awareness of geopathic earth radiations (GER). You will be provided with precise tools for locating and clearing electromagnetic and geopathic earth radiations and other lesser known energies influencing health.

Former domicile imprints, (energy imprints) left in a dwelling from previous occupants will be addressed as well as former Ownership Imprints which can be left on antique, vintage, second hand furniture, jewellery and clothing will be able to be cleared.

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of placement with correct application positive change can occur.

Each student will have the opportunity to locate and clear electromagnetic and/or geopathic radiation causing them difficulty.

Comprehensive Manual Included.
Certificate of Participation and Attainment issued.