Client Services – Start Again Heal Your Heart

Everyone experiences losses in their life.

  • a relationship breakdown, divorce or separation
  • the death of someone or something you loved dearly
  • a person, your family home, a car or possession that was destroyed or taken away
  • an illness or an accident that has meant your life has had to change
  • your job being threatened due to downsizing or cutbacks
  • the death of the family pet, which can cause tremendous upset and grief

As we go through life, at some time or other, we all experience trauma.

I’m on the brink of a new life.
What can I do?
I can stay with these old feelings.
Or I can go forward, and release the past.


Start Again Heal Your Heart – The Natural Way

This is a practical and supportive six-week course. A variety of issues are addressed including dealing with shock, grief, divorce, death, relationship breakdown and loss.

Receive support through group work. Put that part of your life behind you and move on to the next journey. Find strength to be yourself, with the promise that life will get better. Learn to have fun again. Make new friends.

The six-week Start Again Heal Your Heart course covers:

  • Understanding how shock and grief affects you emotionally and physically
  • Learning how to release jealousy, moodiness and other negative emotions
  • Learning how to release anger appropriately
  • Learning how to start rebuilding your life
  • Working through bitterness and learning to forgive
  • Facing the future with confidence

Comments from people who have attended the course:

“Isabelle brings to the course all her life skills, warmth and humour.”

“Knowing I wasn’t the only one facing divorce was comforting.”

“I have learnt courage and self respect,
I am deeply grateful to have found myself again,”

“I thought I could never forgive, I was consumed with bitterness.
Now I have learnt to love again.”

“This course gave me hope that I could start again.”

“I wish I had done this course years ago.”

Private consultations are also available upon request.

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