Open your Creative Spirit – Write from the Heart

creative_writingIn this workshop Isabelle will guide and awaken you to the wonder of writing. You will be able to move beyond fear, as you tap into the creative process and explore the art of writing, Get to know yourself better. Within the group gain support and inspiration, as you unleash your imagination, connect with your mind, heart and soul through the process. Ever thought of writing to express yourself, a book, or pen a few lines of poetry? You have? Then why not join our group, where among new friends, you can discover those hidden talents you never knew existed.

From Isabelle

It has been a pleasure to write and facilitate this workshop. We always have a mixed group of different nationalities and life experiences. Writing has bonded us together in creating changes and being creative with writing. This has allowed all to write from the heart with the visual, plus writing prompts I give them each week. Insight, perception letting go of the past. The students have been able to open the doorway between their inner and outer worlds. Words flow as everyone experience ideas, insights about themselves and most importantly empowering and connecting with each other.

From former students….

Thank you for your helping me find my creative warrior, your support has meant a lot. I’ll miss our Monday with the group but I will never forget how it has changed me for the better. We will keep in touch because you have touched my heart and helped me to smile again. Rebecca

I enjoy coming to the Write from the heart workshop each week. It helps me to open up my mind and heart to write what I am feeling. It is also helping me to heal from my past struggles and is giving me an avenue to write my own book. I have a writer’s block where all my feelings and emotions are overwhelmed, so this is giving me a chance and power to open up. I feel this is service is powerful to women especially in the community as it empowers other women. In our society women do not get much support or do not have a support network   I wrote about the constructive experiences in my life and it was chosen to be read out International Women’s Day. My writing was powerful to make a difference in my life and other women in the room. My writing was nominated top 3, it was read out and I won a prize. It empowered me to keep writing. Sandra

The writing group gives me the opportunity to express my thoughts and feelings in a safe and supportive environment. It gives me the opportunity to get out of the house and spend time with a group of ladies who care and are non-judgemental. Rosanna

Laughter happiness support that’s what I like about Mondays. My husband died of cancer and this group helps me cope. Every week I write from my heart. I love this writing group – Bethany

The writing prompts give us inspiration. I always leave the group feeling lighter and happier. Vanessa


Contact Isabelle to find out about next workshop:   m: 0403 324 486