Client Services – Relaxation Meditation – Stress Release for Busy People

Why Relax and Meditate?

Most people today have a very fast paced and busy lifestyle, and we are all looking for more energy. What most people don’t realise is you need to relax to energise your body.

You get up late, rush to work, power through the day, meet friends, pick up the kids, organise dinner, pay the bills, do the housework, play sport or go to the gym. We tend to rush through the day as if there is no tomorrow! We need to create a Work/Life Balance.


Our bodies have an incredible ability to heal itself. When you cut yourself, your body knows how to heal. It is just as easy to tell your body that you want to relax. Deep Breathing Techniques combined with Meditation helps people to develop coping strategies. Become more resilient in handling stressful situations and have greater intuitive abilities.

By taking some time out in our busy lives to deep breathe and meditate we are teaching our body to unplug from a stressful response and flow into relaxation. Meditation helps us to tap into the power of the mind. What the mind thinks, visualises, it can achieve. It is as simple as that.

Meditation assists to create self confidence and happiness from within. It helps to create better relationships, by first improving the relationship you have with yourself.

Interest in meditation is growing fast. And meditation is making its way into modern medicine. Many doctors encourage their patients to meditate as a way to manage stress, anxiety, pain, and many chronic diseases.

Regular meditators have a special quality about them; they develop an inner calmness and peace, and enjoy the qualities of poise, contentment and fulfilment.

Isabelle teaches Relaxation – Meditation in groups in the work environment, community college, gyms and private sessions in her clinic.

Join a regular Meditation Group facilitated by Isabelle.

Too busy for a group, or night not suitable. Book a private Relaxation/Meditation Session just for you tailored to your own needs. Can also be over the phone or Skype.
Ring now to book you place, and discuss you needs,

m: 0403-324486
Address: Nowra North, 2541 NSW

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